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Thanks to the internet, we have the opportunity to share loads of information in a matter of seconds. Although there are different ways of doing this, most of us use social media to share our thoughts and post links to various articles and news. Unfortunately, most of these links are too long, especially if the URL is not in English.
Despite the fact that some people don’t mind clicking on those links, others may think they are malicious. Thankfully, there is a way to assure your friends or blog visitors that your links are safe and make them look visually appealing. This is possible thanks to a service known as URL shortener or link shortener.

How to use our URL shortener?

Using our or any other URL shortener is like a walk in the park. While it is true that some companies require you to create an account and even pay a certain fee, usually, most link shortening services are free.
To begin, you need to choose which URL you want to shorten. You can choose from many options, so simply find a link you think is too big and copy it. Once ready, you have to paste the URL where it says “Enter link Here”. Select ‘Shorten URL”, and your new URL will be good to go. This means you can copy it and paste it wherever you want.

How does it work?

Active internet users have seen thousands of shortened links over the years because every big company uses them. However, people who don’t have that much experience will probably feel puzzled when they see these types of links for the first time. Some of them might think that they are some sort of scam because of the way they look.
In reality, the URL Shortener only changes the way the link looks without adding a new page or additional features. In other words, once people click on it, they will be redirected to the original link that was shortened. This means that the shorter URL is like a shortcut, but it is easy to read instead of being long and complicated.

What can you do with your shorter links?

Now that you know what an URL shortener is, you probably wonder what you can actually use it for, right? Well, people use these links for all sorts of things. Some businesses need shorter URLs in order to promote a given service or run an ad campaign. In some cases, companies combine these more compact links with other tools so that they can have a better understanding of those who use their services.
Besides the corporate usage of the URL Shorter, you can use this amazing feature for other types of things. For example, if you have to post a long link when sending an email when you can simply shorten it and make it look more professional.
Besides using the link when communicating with others, some people take advantage of the shorter URLs when making a resume or a cover letter. These links allow them to showcase their work and prove to their future employer that they have what it takes to get hired on the specific job.

Before you use the URL shorter

Before you decide which link you want to shorten, it is important to remember that its short version will usually contain a lowercase, as well as uppercase letters. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to manually type a given URL, make sure to use the same uppercase and lowercase letters. Otherwise, the link won’t work.